TM Helpix
— is ​​a car chemistry and car care products, cleaning products,
carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

TM Helpix products are exclusively manufactured at their own production facilities by the company ArtHim Scientific Production Company.

Product catalog

The catalog of our online store presents the products of TM Helpix and our partners.

Our advantages

  • Product quality

  • Diversification

  • Customer orientation and flexible pricing

  • Technology support

  • Own logistics service

Helpix Center

In May 2019, ArtHim and Helpix TM opened a Helpix Center in Khmelnitsky.

Deteling studio

The Helpix Center offers a range of car interior and exterior care services. Washing, care, protective coatings and polishing, cleaning of engine, discs, interior ozone.

Showroom of car chemistry and auto cosmetics

In our showroom you can buy car care products for professional and amateur use. Helpix Center technologists will share tips on how to use your funds efficiently and choose the best option for you.

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

Services of dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. Any volumes and materials. Dry cleaning at home or in the Helpix Center. Departure of the technologist to the object for free consultation. We use TM Helpix, TM Wieberr, and Safran cleaning equipment

Testing TM Helpix products

Every day in the process, we test our products. Test results allow us to refine our recipe and provide our clients with quality advice. We invite customers to test our products and are ready to provide technological support for launching products on the customer's premises.

Helpix Academy

Training programs for the owners and staff of cleaning companies, car washes, detergent studios, dry-cleaners, we formulate according to the needs of our customers.


We offer our services for production of products under your trademark.

Ви можете вибрати продукти для своєї сфери діяльності з нашого асортименту, або замовити розробку продукту під ваші вимоги. Контроль якості на кожному етапі - від відбору сировини до відвантаження клієнту, власна лабораторія, кваліфікований персонал і необхідні для великих обсягів потужності виробництва дозволяють нам залучати таких великих рітейлерів як Auchan, Таврія В, Епіцентр, Sun Oil, ABS, Копійка.

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